Skipping Rope - Top Sport


Skipping is an ideal training tool for all sports. Quickly develop a faster, stronger and more coordinated body. Easy to use this nylon rope is ideal from beginner to advance sports person.

Green Polypropylene Handle, Extruded Black Resin Cord with Nylon bush.

Used for cardiovascular and coordination exercises, in both domestic or commercial environments. Rope of preference for Boxing Training.

Training Tips:
Double Foot Land – jump once to each turn of the rope
Alternative Foot Dancing – move feet alternatively forward and back to each turn of the rope
Heel Toe – bounce once to each turn of the rope, alternate right heel and left toe on each side
Heel Toe Cross (Highland Skip) - First Turn of rope single bounce, second turn you cross the right leg over the left leg, then uncrosses your legs, third turn cross the left leg over the right leg repeat
Cross Arms – First turn bounce with your feet together, second turn cross arms at the elbows on the downward swing of the rope, jumping through the loop of the rope formed in front of body. Uncross arms on the next downward swing of the rope. The crisscrossing are done with a bounce in between the crisscross, if so desired, and with the right and left arms alternating as the top arm of the crisscross.
Double Jump – Turn rope twice to each jump