Pump Set (Home Use)


Using the same weight plates and snaplock collars as the commercial Pump Set this set is ideal for training at home or practicing for class. This set is made up of 2 x 5kg, 2 x 2.5kg, 2 x 1kg plates on a 1300mm tubular bar (in three parts) with snaplock collars.

The Bar

As the bar is able to be broken down into 3 parts this is an ideal set for those on the move. Don’t miss out on your training because of that business trip. With a 35mm over lapping lug holding the bar together you can not tell the difference between this bar and the one piece 1300mm pump bar.

Weight Plates

Titanomagnetite (iron sand) forms the inner core of each weight plate which is covered in a very high density polyethylene (HDPE). This creates a plate that is non absorbent, easy to handle, and quiet to use, while being able to handle the vigorous routine of a class. Snaplock collars enable quick release for fast weight changes.