Time to work off those Easter eggs!

After enjoying plenty of delicious Easter treats with the family many people will be quite literally weighed-down by the prospect of getting back into shape. A common promise made to ourselves for self-improvement after a...ahem...overindulgence is that we’ll lose weight and get into shape. However, this can be a lot harder than expected. Things start well, but frequently tail off as life gets in the way, or just a lack of motivation and we begin to make evermore elaborate excuses not to exercise.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Exercise CAN be fun - honest!

Why not give BODYPUMP a try?

Started by Les Mills, it’s been around for 25 years, and delivers noticeable results with the help of our high quality, New Zealand-made PUMP weights. Taking part in a 45-60 minute workout, three times a week, leads to improved muscle definition, and is a great calorie burner. A fun, group atmosphere and some motivational tunes can be the perfect catalyst for the would-be exerciser.

Although, if you’re someone who prefers to workout in the comfort of your own home - which many of us do - then why not take a gander at our products page for some inspiration on kitting out your home free-weights gym.