A Note on Nutrition

If you’re starting to get serious about weight-training, it could be a good idea to start paying some attention to what you’re eating.

Quantity requirements will vary depending on how you’re built, what you’re lifting, and what your end goal is, but I’ll assume it’s some combination of losing body fat, gaining muscle mass, and feeling more energetic. This is just an outline of some things to bear in mind if you’re cranking things up a notch.

Eating regularly is important. Every 2-3 hours is recommended to maintain energy levels while lowering the impulse to binge-eat. You should still be looking at three proper meals like your granny told you (don’t be tempted to eat 6), with healthy snacks in between.

Here’s what you should put in to your body:


  • This builds muscle
  • Should be 20-30% of each meal
  • Doesn’t have to be animal-based (think beans, lentils, tofu - yum!)


  • Unsaturated fats are best (eg. avocados, nuts)


  • Eat to generate energy
  • It’s generally accepted that 40-60% of a meal should be carbohydrates

...Aaaannd don’t forget to drink plenty of water!!!