Group Aerobic Weight Lifting (PUMP Class!)

It has been said that group fitness is “The largest phenomenon to hit the fitness market this decade.” PUMP classes are by far the world’s most popular group fitness program. The aim of the class is to exercise, strengthen and tone every muscle in your body.

PUMP has been designed to suit all ages and all fitness levels. Using the resistance of adjustable weight barbells and hand-held plates along with motivating music and experienced instructors, PUMP delivers a fast, fat-burning and body toning workout. By doing weight bearing exercise such as squats, lunges, presses and curls all major muscle groups in the body are targeted.

Don Oliver Barbell are manufacturers of Pump equipment that has been endorsed by the Les Mills Group. These products are of the highest quality. The Pump Weights never rust, never chip, never need repainting, are quiet and are easy on the carpet. These products will stand up to the most demanding routine. Don Oliver Pump equipment is proven.

Durability: Weights for a pump classes need to be robust, and durable. Titanomagnetite (iron sand) forms the inner core which is covered in a very high density polyethylene (HDPE). This creates a plate that is non absorbent, easy to handle, and quiet to use, while being able to handle the vigorous routine of a class.

Health: The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) outer does not absorb sweat or moisture, unlike rubber alternatives. They are easily cleaned to keep your equipment hygienic.

Size: The unique iron compound filling allows the weights to have a narrower profile than other vinyl weights. This is particularly important when working with the shortened Don Oliver Barbells, as it allows a greater number and variety of weights to be added to the bar without reducing the hand grip area.

Safety: Don Oliver’s patented nylon collar holds the weights in place firmly, without damaging the bar. It also allows for quick and convenient loading and unloading.

Quality: The superb modern design of the Don Oliver Pump Equipment will add a touch of class to any fitness studio.