Don Oliver The Comany

Premium Fitness Equipment

“Creating tools to build a healthy mind and body”

Don Oliver Fitness Equipment is a company rich in experience. Founded in 1977 by Commonwealth Weightlifting Champion Don Oliver we manufacture and supply premium fitness machinery to the national and international market.

A small family venture that started in the backyard, we’ve developed our products to be strong and enduring with the values of good old-fashioned quality. Still a family business, the next generation continues to combine an innovative attitude with a passion for good health and energetic lifestyles.

As a leading suppliers of fitness equipment we are best known for our uniquely manufactured PUMP weights. Currently being used in approximately 15,000 gyms worldwide, Don Oliver Pump Equipment is the recommended choice for the PUMP program.

Our range of fitness and strength training products range from:

  • Group Fitness Equipment
  • Free Weights for domestic and commercial use
  • Machines for domestic and commercial use
  • Boxing bags and gloves
  • Accessories for aerobic and cardio fitness

Don Oliver strived for perfection in his many pursuits; achieving the highest recognition by his peers and innovation in his areas of endeavour. Today we still strive for this commitment and it is reflected in our extensive range of products.